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Here’s what your performing arts organization gets for a $500 one-year subscription, costing less than one typical in-print ad:

Every month, will write a 500-word Feature Story about an event of the performing arts organization’s choice. The event might be a performance, fundraiser, or other occasion pertinent to your organization’s interests. The Feature Story will be posted in one of the Image Squares on the Home Page, and will also be sorted into one or more searchable categories at the bottom of the Home Page.

We want to keep you at the top of your community’s mind; even in those few months when your theater goes dark, your whole organization shouldn’t disappear.


The Feature Story will fit one or more of the following categories:

Reviews – reviews of recent performances or events

Run-ups – previews of upcoming productions or events

Players – profiles of/interviews with people involved in shows

Scenario – opinions on/highlights of performing arts issues

We will help you decide which content best represents your performing arts organization each month and customize it for you.

Every week, will make one post on their Facebook page mentioning your organization. In the absence of a specific event, the posts will be about another agreed-upon topic.

Every day, agrees to maintain an attractive, working website that serves the Albuquerque arts community and its audiences online and in easy-to-read mobile format. In addition, agrees to promote the website to obtain widespread readership within the Greater Albuquerque area.

We’ll link to your website, and any other favorite links you designate that are relevant to your performing art, on our Home Page Links.

Let’s sell some tickets!

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Photos above courtesy of Landmark Musicals, Keshet Dance + Center for the Arts, and The Vortex Theater.