Keshet Has Open Enrollment NOW for Technical Theater and Other Classes

Ask any theater in town and they’ll tell you that expert technical help is highly valued and hard to find. Keshet Center for the Arts wants to change that scenario for theater directors who are looking for stage managers, set builders, lighting designers, sound-system people, and every backstage position needed to put on a show.

Technical Theater is an after-school program starting this Fall for ages 12-18 at Keshet. Classes begin on August 13 and students are signing up now. Sarah Gonzales, Pre-Professional Education Director at Keshet, says that budding backstage crew members will take two classes on Tuesdays and two on Saturdays per month. Most of the classes will take place at Keshet’s black-box stage, although there will be field trips to other local theaters of various sizes. 

“Enrollment is open now up until August 4,” Gonzales says. “And we have noncompetitive scholarships based on need to help with tuition.”

Students learn everything, from mopping and sweeping to running a sound board, transferable skills they can take to a job in theater. Each chooses a practicum in either stagecraft or costuming, and gets to work on either “Alice,” the fall production, or the Winter Concert in December.

Three other, sister programs are offered for ages 6-24 on the Keshet curriculum. KP3 is a pre-professional program for ages 8-18 in its 13th year at Keshet.  

“The students train in dance–contemporary, ballet, jazz, and hip hop–but it’s a whole-person program. They learn about what it takes to be leaders and mentors, and KP3 builds character and morals.” This program is for students interested in teaching and choreography, and they get to do both in six classes per week. Technical Theater classes are open to these students as well.

KP3 Post-Graduate is an extension of KP3 for ages 18-24. Dancers take Master Classes and also volunteer at the front-of-house and in administrative positions to get a feel for running an arts center. Classes also meet with Director Shira Greenberg monthly to discuss critical topics, such as how to write an artistic statement.

JUMP consists of age-appropriate community classes that serve as bridge to performance experience for ages 6-18.

For more information on Technical Theater or other classes, call Keshet at 224-9808, or go to

Join the cast of Keshet’s newest production!


Ages 8-108 – all abilities, all backgrounds, from kitchen dancers to professional dancers are welcome!

Audition Day: Saturday, August 11th – Call 505.224.9808 to sign up for an audition slot today.

Saturday, August 4th * for KP3 students and those interested in KP3 – must sign up with

Mandatory Cast Meeting: Saturday, September 8th – either 1 – 2:30pm OR 3-4-5:30pm

Rehearsals start: Sunday, September 9th

Performance dates: November 9-18th, 2017

“Alice, an adventure of wonder and wondering is the title of the new show, and we are excited about this new adventure with our community,” Keshet Founder and Artistic Director, Shira Greenberg said.

“Dancers and audience alike will notice the inspiration for Alice drawing from Alice in Wonderland, however it is not a re-telling of that story. “It’s a new adventure, with Keshet’s guiding principle of unlimited possibilities as one theme of this new Alice.” Greenberg said.

Alice includes a lively score, including great classic rock, jazz, and more!

Common question: Do I need to prepare anything for the audition?

Answer: No (you can bring a resume if you’d like) Auditions are as a group, we will teach short combos

Common question: I don’t know if I should do the adult beginning or intermediate/advanced audition?

Answer: Come to whichever you feel most comfortable trying, it won’t affect your placement in the show.

Common question: When will I find out if I got in?

Answer: EVERYONE gets in! The auditions are merely to cast you in an appropriate role.

Common question: When do rehearsals begin?

Answer: A required cast meeting on Sept. 8th; rehearsals then begin on Sunday, Sept. 9th

KESHET DANCE + CENTER FOR THE ARTS is our newest subscriber to We are honored to have this internationally renowned organization join us – we want to tell the world what Keshet is doing right here in New Mexico for dancers and dance makers. Reacquaint yourself with all of their innovative, wonderful work at, and read below:

Founded in 1996, Keshet is an arts-based non-profit organization which exists to inspire and unite community by fostering unlimited possibilities through dance, mentorship and a creative space for the arts.

Uniting the arts, the artist and the audience, Keshet invites you to engage, experience and be inspired through bold explorations of movement and celebrations of community.

Global to Local; Local to Global

Keshet International Dance Festival Year round programming of performances, master classes, shindigs, gatherings, and makers space with international and national visiting contemporary dance artists at the Keshet Center for the Arts; bringing global to local.

Keshet New Dance Works – Creation and Touring New contemporary works created for and with Keshet Dance by local, national, and international choreographers; created locally, toured globally.

The Business of Art

Keshet Ideas and Innovation Community A business incubator and resource programming for arts entrepreneurs; championing the value of the artist and the arts economy.

Makers Space and Residency Opportunities Choreographic and broader performing arts’ residencies supporting contemporary artists at the Keshet Center for the Arts.

Social Justice through Dance

Movement + Mentorship = Metamorphosis (M3) Keshet’s M3 Program uses the vehicle of dance to engage, educate, and empower incarcerated and paroling youth within the State of New Mexico.

Movement for Mercy The national expansion of Keshet’s M3 Program curriculum through residencies and partnerships with twenty communities throughout the U.S.; supporting local and national juvenile justice reform efforts and initiatives.

Community Dance Education & Performance

Community Dance Classes Everyone should dance! Keshet classes are available to all levels, ages, and abilities from beginner to professional; from age 2 to 102.  To insure these classes are truly available to all, Keshet offers an unlimited, non-competitive scholarship program for dancers under 18 years old, and a Work/Study trade program for dancers 18+.

Mixed Ability/Adaptive Dance Insuring that dance programming is available and accessible to all dancers, including dancers and choreographers with differing physical and/or developmental abilities.

Keshet Pre-Professional Education Comprehensive program tracks for dancers (ages 6-24) and technical theater students (ages 12-24) to pursue focused training in dance technique, choreography, performance and/or technical theater; preparing them for a career and/or higher education in their fields of interest.

Community Engagement Programming Includes the Title I Homeless Project, DEA Dance Project, and many other community partnerships.

Community Performance Series Highlighting the talent of our local and regional community, Keshet’s Community Performances have included Nutcracker on the Rocks, Alice, Winter and Spring Dance Concerts, Choreographers’ Showcases, and more!

Photo by Pat Berrett.